In response to the SEPA CAR application by DawnFresh Farms to get licenses to dump chemicals and other materials into the Clyde, Dr. Lewis John McGibbney has reviewed the application documents, and explained his problems with them in his video below.

You can find out more about Dr. McGibbney’s publishing history on his Google Scholar page, here.

According to his profile, Dr. McGibbney “is currently an Engineering Applications Software Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He enjoys floating up and down the tide of open source technologies where home has become the Apache Software Foundation and of which he is a member and avid contributor.A keen believer in community over code, a persistent advocate of open source and the methodology which backs the open source movement, and a keen mentor of others new to the open source spectrum.He is always keen to learn about new and innovative technologies and use cases where he likes to apply his knowledge.A total cycling enthusiast!!!”