DawnFresh Farms have applied to SEPA for Controlled Activities Regulation (CAR) licenses to allow for chemical and other material discharge into the Clyde. If successful, they would be one step closer to being allowed to go ahead with their plan to dominate the inner Clyde with trout farms.


Showing the 3 proposed Fish Farms in the Clyde. Bute walking paths in Blue, Fish Farms in Orange, Foreshore in Green.

Why Object?

A breakdown of the dispersion modelling report

Watch Dr. McGibbney’s analysis of the DawnFresh Farms proposals.

Chemical Dispersion Animation

The diagrams DawnFresh Farms have put forward showing where the chemicals they are planning to use in treating the fish have been animated and presented below. It is quite clear that many shorelines across the Clyde would become contaminated. See our Objection Guidance document for details on the chemicals.

Open Meeting Information

On Thursday, May 20th, we held an open meeting with several guest presenters to cover different areas of impact from the proposed farms. The meeting was recorded, and available on the page below.

SEPA Consultation Links and Guidance

The links below lead to each Fish Farm’s consultation page, where one can find the submitted documents and how to respond via consultation form or email address.

Guidance Document

We have written a guidance document to help you complete an objection to the above consultations. [Word Document / .docx]