SEPA Objection deadline approaches

At the moment, the deadline to fill out an online object for the SEPA CAR applications is May 28th, so only a couple days left. To help anyone who hasn’t made an objection yet, there is now a guidance document on our SEPA Consultation page, along with our animation of the chemical dispersion diagrams, Dr. McGibbney’s breakdown of the dispersion report, and our Public Meeting. All provide context and information that you may want to use.

Ardentinny farm objectors at Community Council meeting

This article describes how 62 community members attended a meeting with Dawn Fresh and only 4 raised their hands in approval of the fish farm after Dawn Fresh spent the evening promoting it.

Amazingly, with only 6% of those attending in favour of the proposal DFF saw the meeting as positive and said they will continue to engage with the community to explain the complexities of the proposal. Thus treating the community members as ignorant and unable to judge the merits of the proposal for themselves.

Marine mammal watchers can take part in a project…

Many residents on and visitors to Bute enjoy spotting the marine wildlife that we share our coasts and waters with. Clyde Porpoise is running a community project in which anyone spotting marine wildlife can report what they see and help to build a picture of the number and geographic spread of the marine wildlife in our area. Just go to online sightings form and complete as much information as possible – what type of animal was spotted (there is a drop down menu including types of whale, porpoise, dolphin, shark, otter, turtle, etc), the date, the time, how many were spotted, any birdlife that may have been seen, weather conditions, etc.

Taking part in this project could help to either fight the Dawnfresh fish farm proposals altogether or influence their use of Acoustic Deterrents.