Responding to SEPA CAR applications

Over the last couple days, the deadline for the Controlled Activities Regulation applications for two fish farm projects in the Clyde area have come to the end of their public consideration phase, and we managed to get a couple responses in.

CAR/L/1003268 is an application by The Scottish Salmon Company to greatly expand their Ardyne point installation, in Loch Striven, across from Port Bannatyne. This closed on June 5th.

CAR/L/1178003 is an application by DawnFresh Farming to get permission to fish farm off Ardentinny, in Loch Long. This closed today, June 7th.

We’ll shortly have the letter we rushed to get in put up on our resources page, and properly converted into a template, so that as further CAR applications are made to SEPA, we have a ready response to opposing them on many well established grounds.

Kilchattan / Glencallum Bay swim with Bute Outdoor Swimming Society

Yesterday, Sat May 25th, the Bute Outdoor Swimming Society held an organised outdoor swim from Kilchattan Bay pier, to Glencallum bay, and back.

The event was attended by 9 swimmers, 4 kayakers as water support, and many shore walkers who followed along the West Island Way.

One of the aims was to swim across the path of the proposed fish farm site in that area, to show that the coast is used by many different kinds of people, and that the fish farm would either disrupt or prohibit this in the future.

To see other pictures, join the group, or find out more about swimming around Bute, you can visit the Facebook Group page below.

The Bute Outdoor Swimming Society ::

Clyde Marine Planning Consultation

The Clyde Marine Planning Partnership consultation that has been visiting towns and cities around the Clyde Marine Region, and the deadline for responses to it’s Draft are due in tomorrow.

We’re getting notes together tonight to send out tomorrow, with a view on commenting on the plan in respect to environmental protection and aquaculture.

A reminder of the Draft plan location: