Bute Community Council to Visit Dawnfresh

Dawnfresh has invited members of the Bute Community Council to visit them at their Loch Etive facility on June 20th, and we’ve been invited along as well.

We will be taking with us the research we’ve done fighting fish farms, and listening carefully to what they have to say in regards to their applications.

We will also be trying to get in contact with the Friends of Loch Etive, the group there that have been fighting Dawnfresh’s continual expansion of their site, dumping of equipment on their shorelines, and other effects from their farm’s operation.

The Friends of Loch Etive website::

Bute Community Council

Since we became aware of the fish farm proposals on the Clyde, we’ve been bringing it to the attention of the Bute Community Council.

We’ve kept the issue in focus since March’s meeting, and will continue to do so. The BCC is now registered as a Consultee to the process, and is organising a meeting with the fish farm company, Dawnfresh, for the public to have their say with them, soon.

The Community Council represents the island public, but needs people to attend to inform their responses. Please consider if you can make it along to the next meeting, June 19th, 7pm, at the Bute Museum, to lend your support.

The Bute Community Council website::